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The Egg is a derelict building located in the heart of the Beirut, just south of Martyr Square along what was the front line between the Eastern and Western parts of the city. As a consequence, the structure is ravaged with bullet holes and has large parts shoaled off by sustained artillery fire.


City of Impulse is a filmic edit of slow walks through The Egg, recording the crumbling building, its visual scars, the remnants of what was before and after and the fast changing urban fabric that surrounds it. The film’s soundtrack is a hyper-real version of the city as it sinks into and bounces off the structure. Sounds morph from deafening streetscapes to hollow flutter echoes inside the actual cinema. A subsonic blanket of heavy traffic fused with high-pitched bird-song at the base of the destroyed tower fades to echoic and cavernous drips and clangs inside the flooded underground car park. Spatially and psychologically distinct parts of the city are layered, fused and laced with the otherworldly acoustics of The Egg’s physical structure.

beirut whiter
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