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 Additional documentation of portfolio projects


1. Sound Fields/ Fault Lines

Notations/ Interventions/ models/ site recording

coillage with pipes early notation operation 3333


merijn notation install 2 plane wave pegged small poster

To the left: A proposed intervention/ Operation 7, a cluster of acoustic tunnels connecting a distant part of the city through a listening post at street level./ Omonia, 2012.


Above: A transcription of sound from a single point-of-audition in Omonia, Athens, in 2012. Measured frequencies were plotted against their approximate direction and temporal occurrence. The possibilities laid bare by this abstraction are both compositional and architectural: the performance of the score unravels the recorded soundscape as an interplay of sound fragments configured as a spatial and dynamic structure. The proposed intervention to the left feeds this sonic structure back into a physically separated part of the city.

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2. City of Impulse

Sound Library/ Film/ Compositions/ Drawings

Clockwise from left, City of Impulse essay film/ a study of the shifting soundscape caused by the desctruction of an area in South Beirut during the 2006 Israeli war/ Two further studies of urban sound trajectories as they are shaped by the turbulent history of Beirut/ A composition constructed from field and impulse recordings taken from the Egg. Directly below: link to impulse library.

acoustic trauma BETTER green line cropped SMALL
Open Access Impulse Recordings Library


figure 1 figure 5

3. Aeronautica/ 2020: State of Exception

Essay films/  Field recording/ Music/ Sound design

b and w me Aeronautica

password: aerial_view

State of Exception

password: Agamben

me and H

4. Altered States

PhD thesis/ Inter-active Installation/ Performance/ Sound and light design

P1010320 sketches
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score1 wave ting merijnroyaards/2020

Clockwise from top left: Two more notational studies/ A proposed architectural design, scale model/ A study of sonic vortices within the active radius of a sound mirror, Dungeness/ A sequence of still frames taken from a multi-channel audio-video installation: a virtual walk through Omonia, and past a series of acoustic interventions.

Bottom left: poster for an (imagined retrospective) exhibition of my proposed project, which took place at the echoic/anechoic rooms of the Bartlett School of Architecture.


Bottom right: Images of the exhibition and installation room. A model set up in the center of the exhibition room featured a glass basin and shallow layer of water through which sound waves were sent, interacting with the model, which included an acoustic intervention.

Another proposed intervention to sonically connect separated, and segregated, parts of Athens using a cluster of acoustice cones. The notational system above was an attempt to rework Bernhard Tschumi's Manhatten Transcripts into a notational system for sonic urban/ architectural design

Left: Installation featuring a multi-channel, moving soundscape and filmed walk through Omonia, Athens. The film would follow a route which would take the viewer past several acoustic interventions (operations), while the soundtrack would move with the viewer and modulate the soundscape according to location, orientation, and sphere of influence of the operations.
















Bottom: view of the exhibition room, with the various notational systems and central kinetic model.

From top: Image taken at the Altered States event at Corsica Studios, 2017/ Signal flow diagram of the installation/ a short promotional video of the event/ a series of sketches to work out the multiple aspects of the installation/ A photgraph of a live performance by me during the event/ An image of dancer-architect Kyveli Anastasiadi performing on Do Not Go Into The Light, 2015, a fore-runner of Altered States/ A study of the transfer between light, sound and movement as a graphic score/ A study of the effect of waveform transmissions on the experiential flow of time and space/ An experimental video feedback set-up exploring how sound and light can liquefy architectural experience.